Major Reasons Why Your Drywall Gets Damaged

For a lot of property owners, repairing drywall can be stressful. Sure, you don’t really need to fix the damage by yourself, however, you still have to be concerned about it happening again. Here are the major causes why drywall usually gets damaged. 

Damages on drywall are problematic and usually one of the issues that are too complicated to deal with. Moreover, most homeowners are new to these issues so they are not prepared for this. Once you can observe buckling, cracks, or holes in your walls, you have to certainly contact an expert drywall contractor Sacramento to have them checked and fix it right away if necessary. But, we have to know the major factors that may cause your drywall to be damaged. Read on this article to know more about them so that you’ll know what to look out for in the future.


Any sort of holes in walls can be identified as a structural concern. Holes can take place due to a lot of factors like doors that blowing doors open without a stopper before it hits the wall or when furniture bumped hard against the wall. If you can notice holes in your drywall, get it fixed and patched ASAP. 

Termite damage

This is one of the biggest concerns for a lot of property owners. When you can see termite damage, contact an exterminator as soon as possible. You can easily determine if your drywall has termite damage when you can see pinholes, and hear a hollow noise while striking the wall. Moreover, wood damage and damaged paint are some of the signs. 


If your drywall is installed badly, then cracks are more likely to happen and it can usually be seen in ceilings. By the time you can notice some cracks, you really have to call a drywall pro to come and assess the damage and fix it right away. 

Poor fastening

Most of the time, drywalls are installed and connected using joint fastening tape. Eventually, this thick tape can become loose as a result of moisture or age and begin to wrap the drywall that it holds together. If this is the case, it can be very visible and obvious in your walls. Sometimes, it gets apparent that drywall was installed poorly when you can observe popping nails through the wall. When this occurs, it means that drywall nails aren’t actually set in the stud. But make sure to refrain from hammering the popping nail in place. It would be best to just take it out and look for the stud first before you fasten it into place. 

Plumbing leaks

Water damage is among the top causes of broken drywall. When you have older plumbing that’s been poorly set up, you can potentially run into a few big problems over time. Among such problems include water damaged drywall. When you can see some bulging on your drywall, then check it as soon as you can and fix the damaged waterline that might’ve been covered there. Then, you can patch or replace the drywall.

Deal With Drywall Mold Like a Pro

Drywall mold can be unappealing. However, do not panic once you observe this within your premises. Below are the greatest tips you can use to kill, clean, and make sure that the mold does not return again. 

The drywall within your shower area is not only intended to offer a low-maintenance environment, but it’s actually can be utilized as a mold incubator. Mold likes to live in moisture. Meaning, mold can usually be seen in places in your home like a bathroom, tub, or shower. Once you can observe mold on your drywall, then make sure that you get rid of it right away. If you can stop it as soon as possible, then you get to save your wall and the amount of effort and time that you rather need should it get severe.

However, if you fail to stop it from overcoming your home, it will gobble up your wall. Moreover, the mold is not one of those aesthetic problems that you can learn living with. It can trigger respiratory diseases and allergies. Hence, if you want to have a healthy home environment, take action to remove it immediately. If you’re unsure how to eliminate mildew and mold from your drywall, here are some tips to help you fix that like a pro:

Hydrogen peroxide

Similar to bleach, hydrogen peroxide can also work well with drywall molds. However, you can put this as your last option since it can potentially harm your paint job. Make sure to just apply a 3% solution and do some spot testing before you fully cover your wall with this. If you are satisfied and ready to keep going, spread it onto the mold and allow it to rest for at least 10 min. before you wipe it down. 

Water and vinegar

If you are doing your best to prevent chemicals, then you can try mixing equal parts of vinegar and water that will serve as a cleaning solution. It’ll help in eliminating some mold. However, it just functions on 82% of spores. Meaning, stubborn and settled infestation might not help it improve that much. 

Household detergent

Go to your nearest local store and visit the aisle that displays several kinds of mold remover. Most of these removers particularly can work with black mold. Hence, as you purchase an always remember this type of fungus. 

Bleach and water

When you think that the mold is still starting, try mixing ¼ of water and ½ cup of bleach to come up with an agent that can help kill mold. Make sure to properly mix it and brush it onto the areas of your drywall that’s affected with mold until it can successfully be removed. After doing that, make sure to remove the remaining moisture by wiping down the surface. Don’t rinse it. Once you leave the bleach on the drywall, it enables in killing the spores that hide in the material. 

If you’ve tried all the solutions here and you still cannot resolve this issue, then it’s time tor each out to a reputable drywall contractor Philadelphia PA today. 

Factors to Look For in a Foundation Repair Company

In terms of something as complex as the foundation of your home, you’d certainly agree that it’s vital to choose the right foundation repair service provider to perform the job. Foundation work can mostly be tedious and tricky and several factors need to be considered once work is being performed. Moreover, there are tons of involved in liability and risk. Hence, the purpose of this article is to aid property owners to be aware of what to search for in choosing the best company. 


A lot of companies provide a guarantee or warranty on their work. Guarantee to obtain all the fine print and details. Other contractors will be charging an annual fee to keep the warranty active. Some service providers provide a warranty but then don’t answer back once a client requires service. To help determine whether a company has any issues about this, visit Better Business Bureau right away. 

Honors the local building codes

Would the company be prepared to pull permits for the project if needed? Are they open to working with an engineer? These are some of the vital questions that you need to ask before hiring a company. When the salesperson refuses to provide you direct answer or avoids the question, you should start looking for another contractor to deal with your foundation services like foundation waterproofing Philadelphia PA.

Reputation in the industry

Think about reaching out to experts like realtors, building officials, engineers, and more. These individuals tend to have heard suggestions for different foundation repair firms. A lot of them are aware of the local companies’ reputation. 

Reviews online

Nowadays, several websites can be accessed by all customers to let them share their feedback and experiences. Some of the well-used review platforms by most customers are Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and Google. If you want to see some reviews, it’s vital to check the reviews found all over different websites. Sure, the review websites including Facebook and Google are helpful, however, they don’t have the filtering feature. Meaning, anybody can leave a review, regardless if they’ve had completed a job or not. Websites like Yelp, BBB, and Angie’s List are more dependable since they have ethical business requirements. So, before you decide on choosing a particular company, guarantee to check out some of their customer’s reviews on different sites. 

Years in business

It would be highly recommended to select a company that has established its business for a while. Other companies that are new to the industry attempt to avoid this by promoting “years of experience” rather than the actual number of years that they’ve actually been from the start of their business until now. When a firm provides a guarantee, you cannot really guarantee if you can use it after knowing that they’ve only started their business recently. 

Before you ultimately decide to choose a company you’ll entrust your foundation issues or concerns, make sure to do some research, and only choose the experts in this field. 

Things to Look for in When Hiring a Waterproofing Company

You’ll have to hire an excellent waterproofing service provider if you want to fix a faulty basement or you’re looking to stop a water issue in your house. Your house is your biggest investment and this means that you’ve got to be extremely cautious with the contractors that you bring in to do the job.

You want your house to be protected properly. This will require you to hire reliable waterproofing professionals for any tasks and repairs that you might have. Thus, what are a couple of factors that you have to think about when hiring a basement waterproofing Washington DC company? Today, we will be going to share with you some tips to consider:

Read their Reviews Online

It’s vital to read the reviews online of these companies that provide basement waterproofing services. This is the ideal way you can get rid of those fake companies that only want to drain your wallet. You might read the review websites or even ask for word-of-mouth from individuals who’ve had experience with these waterproofing companies.

Experience in the Industry

You want to hire a service provider that has been in the industry for a lot of years already. It might not have the correct experience for your project if the company hasn’t been in the industry for at least 5 years. A company that hasn’t been in the industry for long might not be able to provide you the required warranty for their work.

Does the Company Have the Required Tools and Equipment?

It’s simple to look for a waterproofing service provider. However, you have to think about the tools needed for such a company to finish the project. there are a couple of basement waterproofing companies. That can have lean employees and simply the basic tools for the job. You don’t want to hire this type of company, of course. You have to pick a service provider with the right manpower and tools to carry out their basement waterproofing tasks. This will ensure you of reliability and quality.

They Should Specialize in Basement Waterproofing

The service provider you hire needs to be specialized adequately in the role of waterproofing, just like in all other jobs. Because of this, every single one of their employees should be well equipped with the required knowledge in waterproofing. The best thing about hiring a company that specializes in waterproofing is that they know how to fix your issues when it comes to this element. The service provider that you hire needs to be certified as well.

Are They Licensed, Bonded, or Insured?

This is an extremely vital aspect of the waterproofing service provider. The type of job that basement waterproofing companies do might need a local building permit. Because of this, it’s vital that you’re certain of these factors of the company if you don’t want to run into issues with the local authorities. The service provider should also be bonded so that you won’t have to incur the expenses of any issues that might occur.